The Heart of Racing

September 7, 2020 – Georgia

This past weekend De Angelis was back on the track with his Heart of Racing team at Road Atlanta.  After their P8 finish a few weekends ago, the team was ready to continue to improve on their race results.  Although there were some challenges during practice and qualifying, the team could not be stopped and fought hard in the 6-hour race.

When De Angelis got his first stint behind the wheel, he also faced some adversity with a seat issue, but between his work and the work of his teammate they continued to race well.  When he got back in the seat nearing the end of the race, the team was in 7th position and in a hard-fought battle to stay there.  De Angelis was able to not only hold on to the post but also to advance them to P6 before the checkered flag.

This meant the team finished in their best-ever position this week, and they look forward to continuing this pattern.  The Heart of Racing team is excited to continue to grow together and to improve each time they get to a race.  De Angelis said the following about the race; “P6 after 6 hours of racing at Road Atlanta!! Best result so far for the Heart of Racing team this year after endless work and a mega race overall by Darren and Ian.  Keep the ball rolling for the next one…”

To see how they do next time, make sure to follow them in Mid Ohio in a few weekends. Follow Roman both on and off the track via his social media accounts:

Twitter: @romandeangelis
Facebook: @romandeangelisracing

Roman De Angelis is a 19-year-old, multi-time champion racing driver from Windsor, Ontario Canada. In 2020 he’s piloting the #23 Heart of Racing / Aston Martin Racing, Aston Mark Vantage GT3 in the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship GTD division. For inquiries, please contact